Design-Build Services

With Epoch Construction’s design-build services in Houston, our clients can combine the functionality of an architect, engineer, and construction manager into their project with one point of contact. This can remove miscommunications, confusion, and delays when working on a construction project by eliminating additional contracts and contacts. Our Houston design build company is dedicated to providing an integrated approach that focuses on our client’s specific project needs.

Why Epoch Construction?

Our design/build services allow clients to eliminate their responsibility of coordinating between architect, engineer and construction manager, allowing them to focus on running their business while we handle the rest. We offer a single contract that will cover all of your architectural, engineering and construction needs. Our turnkey design/build solutions cover all areas of design and construction, saving you time and money with your project.

At Epoch Construction in Houston, our team is dedicated to the success of your project. We provide a hands-on approach, giving the attention you deserve, to ensure each of our clients’ goals are met during every step of the design-build project. From the design phase of your project all the way to post-construction, our team will be there to see that things go as smoothly as possible, saving your business valuable time and money.

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"A great company to work with, very attentive and responsive. We were very stressed on time and they made the building process easier on us. In fact we are working with Epoch again on our next project."