Starting the Design Phase in Houston and Austin

Aug 09, 2017

At Epoch Construction in Houston and Austin, we understand the importance of every step in the construction process –and the design phase is no different. The beginning of any commercial construction project is crucial to its successful completion. At Epoch we identify project goals early on and ensure the interdependencies of all systems are coordinated simultaneously from the design phase through post-construction. During the design phase of your project, Epoch Construction will evaluate the following design objectives:

  • Accessibility – This design objective pertains to building elements that address the specific needs of disabled individuals, including proper heights, clearances, and equal access.
  • Aesthetics – This design objective encompasses the style, form, materials and overall physical appearance of your construction project.
  • Cost Effectiveness – This design objective includes basic cost estimating, budget control and the selection of building elements during the concept, design and engineering phases of development.
  • Functionality – This design objective focuses on the functionality, durability and maintenance requirements of building elements including spatial needs and system performance.
  • Productivity – This design objective pertains to the physical and psychological well-being of employees of the building, focusing on elements such as lighting, workspaces, technology, air distribution, etc.
  • Safety – This design objective assesses the safety of assets and employees from both man-made and natural hazards.
  • Sustainability – This design objective focuses on the sustainability and environmental performance of your construction project, including energy use, water conservation, land disturbance and more.

At Epoch Construction of Houston and Austin, we understand the interrelationships of all design objectives and evaluate and apply them appropriately, ensuring the rest of your project runs smoothly.

Interested in starting a commercial construction project? Contact Epoch Construction today to find out how our design phase can help ensure you have a successful project from the design phase to post-construction.